Deluxe Detail

We initiate the process with a comprehensive exterior vehicle wash, which includes cleaning the wheel arches, rims, and door jambs, followed by the decontamination of your paintwork. The engine bay undergoes a professional cleaning and dressing. Subsequently, the vehicle receives a machine cut and polish, culminating in the application of our sealant detailing spray, offering additional protection for 6-8 months and leaving a brilliantly reflective shine.

Moving to the interior, the process begins with a compressed air blowout using specialised tools to dislodge debris from carpets and hard-to-reach areas, followed by a meticulous scrubbing of all interior trims, panels, and the dashboard. Next, we thoroughly vacuum the entire interior to eliminate loose debris. We then proceed with a concentrated shampoo treatment for all seats, carpets, mats, and boot or leather surfaces, ensuring comprehensive cleaning and conditioning.

All interior trims are meticulously dressed with a premium, non-greasy protectant, restoring their appearance to a like-new condition. Finally, the windows are cleaned, and the interior is deodorized. Additionally, complimentary photos are taken for your convenience.

Our customers frequently experience rapid vehicle sales, often within one week of advertisement, and sometimes within 24 hours, fetching prices significantly higher than anticipated.