Complete Detail

Exterior: The exterior detailing process begins with a thorough pre-rinse of the entire vehicle, followed by the meticulous cleaning of wheels and tires, including the removal of brake dust. A gentle snow foam hand car wash is applied, incorporating wax for added protection. Afterward, the vehicle is meticulously dried using microfiber towels. Windows and mirrors are cleaned to a pristine finish, while door and boot jambs undergo a thorough pressure cleaning. Special attention is given to cleaning the fuel door. Rubbers and plastics are carefully dressed, and tires are treated to enhance their appearance.

Interior: Moving to the interior, a comprehensive cleaning regimen ensues. Seats, carpets, boot, and floor mats are diligently vacuumed to remove debris. Seats are then steam cleaned and sanitised, with additional conditioning for leather seats if applicable. Carpets, boot, and floor mats undergo a thorough steam cleaning and sanitisation process. The dashboard and center console are meticulously cleaned and dressed, while door trims, cup holders, seat rails, air vents, and sun visors receive similar treatment. Windows and mirrors inside the vehicle are cleaned to a streak-free shine, and a final touch sees the interior deodorised for a fresh and pleasant ambiance.